Saturday, May 23, 2020

Ustaz Kazim Elias A Simple Guide to Performing the Aidilfitri Prayer at Home

As only a few mosques and prayer rooms are allowed and a quota of 30 congregations at a time to perform the Aidilfitri prayer tomorrow, well-known speaker and preacher, Ustaz Kazim Elias has shown ways for family heads to perform the prayers at home only.

According to Ustaz Kazim, the Aidilfitri prayer sermon is not a hindrance for us to perform the prayer but it must be taken because the opportunity is difficult to obtain. For him, this prayer is not difficult to perform despite having a sermon. Ustaz explained that if the head of the family is difficult to do, the head of the family can continue with the prayer.

However, if there is a family leader who wants to read the sermon added to Ustaz Kazim, the sermon may be used as a short speech or speech as long as it meets the requirements of prayer. Quoted from Daily Metro, Ustaz Kazim explained that the prayer could be performed in the morning, around 8.30am.

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